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Saturday 2 September 2023

The story of Rally Larvik

Rally Larvik was Norway’s first asphalt rally and was run for the first time in 1996 and has since been organized 11 times.

Run as Danish Championship in 1999/2005 and several times as Norwegian Championship.

The only asphalt rally in Norway with an international profile and also received publicity abroad.

A real branding Larvik product and perfect contribution to building on the positivity in connection with the new branding campaign “Larvik delivers”.

Rally Larvik 2023

More than just a car race:

*One of Vestfold’s biggest sports events.

*Many thousands of spectators along the track.

*Great media coverage and broadcast on NRK.

*Norwegian and Nordic championships in collaboration with the Swedish/Danish and Finnish Motor Sports Associations.

*The only asphalt rally in Norway with an international profile.

*Great profiling of our city.

*Several hundred civil servants and volunteers from all over Eastern Norway and local sports teams help with the implementation.

Start and finish ramp and show at Bølgen Kulturhus.

Large service area with exhibition and activities, as well as the Rally center in Sliperiet and Hammerdalen.

“Rally center Fritzøe Park”

5 speed tests are run 2 times with SS 10 as “Power Stage”, which is broadcast on NRK TV.

Playing as a team is important, along with:

*police, road authorities and the Norwegian Motor Sports Association.

*residents, companies/companies and anyone who is locked up on race day.

*sports teams and other organisations.

*post, bus routes, milk transport and emergency vehicles that must follow our instructions.

And of course:

*all our Officials



*all participating teams

– and last but not least, to say thank you to everyone who makes it possible to run the race.

Contact persons Rally Larvik 2023:

Kristian Haugberg

Organizational leader

Mob. 900 43 735

Email: khaugberg@live.no

Lars Thore Kjær

PR/sponsor/market contact

Mob. 918 10,618

Leif Abrahamsen

PR/sponsor/market contact

Mob. 924 12 858

E-mail: leiabr@online.no

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